Unique cultural heritage, natural beauty and a history with ancient roots – is exactly what comes to mind when imagining Georgia – a country beaconed to be discovered. Nestled between the Great Caucasus ridge on the North and the Black Sea to the West, the country’s landscape is both rich and diverse.

Tsinandali, a charming little village in the Kakheti region houses an estate, once lived by the princely family of the Chavchavadze. In the 19th Century, the famous Georgian poet – Alexander Chavchavadze, inherited the manor from his father. It has been a cultural site for years, hosting various musical and art gatherings, where local and international guests were invited over fine vintages made at the winery.

While honoring the past with its history, Tsinandali has become even more of a must-see destination today. It fuses contemporary architecture with the ancient roots and hosts guest from various places across the globe.